Greetings,    We have had a few questions about Fees.

At this time it is business as usual at Leads Club.  Our office has dramatically ramped up our support and we are working diligently with your Consultants and Directors to get all of the Chapters meeting via Video Conference.   As you hopefully have seen with our recent communication, we have waived the attendance for March to give everyone a chance to learn the technology and get settled with all of the rapid changes.

In addition, we are still encouraging Visitors and have extended our “Network with a Friend” through the end of May.

We are optimistically confident that Members will crave the contact while sequestered and enjoy the online meetings.  In addition, the dedication of our Members will surely create more new business as we are an organization based on giving.

I encourage you to give it a chance to work.

Our Consultants will continue to support you locally via virtual visits providing tips and tools to help you maximize your results in Leads Club and marketing your business.  I’m confident that our very experienced and knowledgeable staff will provide excellent Member care for any of your concerns or questions.  Our office is staffed and available Monday through Thursday 9:00 am-3:00pm PT and by appointment.

Lastly, meeting virtually will save you both time and money.  No commute to meetings or meal fees.

Best wishes,

Lisa Bentson, President, and CVO, Leads Club Inc.