Please allow me to introduce you to one of the most driven and passionate advocates for Veterans that I have ever met.  Keith Field has been driving Veterans to appointments for over 15 years and as he saw the need grow he decided to start “Serving Veterans”.  He has large dreams and goals for helping Veterans nationwide and is in the rollout phase as we speak.

The Lake Houston Chapter of Leads Club has been a wonderful resource for him in launching “Serving Veterans”,  please check out his personal story here:

Serving  Veterans  A Servant Ministry to Those Who Have Served.   POB 84803 Pearland, TX  77584  832.220.9253

April 13, 2020           

Leads Club Management,

To whom it may concern,

My name is Keith, and I am a co-founder of Serving Veterans, Inc.  During 2019, I was introduced to Leads Club in Atascocita, Tx, when my organization needed embroidered shirts for a veteran employment event.  While the work was excellently done by Esther Ross, a more important connection was made with the chapter of the Leads Club of which she is a leader.

Her invitation to attend a meeting and her follow-up offer for us to become their group’s non-profit member has resulted in our being able to utilize the tax accounting, internet website development, and legal counsel members.  In addition, this organization has given us the opportunity to refer people we meet to members of this group who provide services to the veterans we interact with, which is a business referral that benefits the chapter.

As our organization continues to grow, the range of services available through the Leads Club members to people who volunteer with us, donate to us, and who are part of our outreach to veterans every day, will see how the people who provide us with services are members of the Leads Club chapters.

My thanks to all your people for having a heart for non-profits, and I trust that other chapters will take this advantage to be involved with those who are the often unsung heroes in our communities.

Keith Field, Transportation Services   Serving Veterans, Inc.

“Serving Veteran’s is “Lake Houston’s Non-Profit Category in their Chapter.  Did you know that Leads Club welcomes one Non-Profit Membership per Chapter, and waives their fees.  They are however responsible for any meal or venue fees and they must submit formal paperwork showing their official nonprofit status, such as a  501-C3 or similar along with their application.

I can think of no better time than now to support one of your local Non-Profits.  During the Covid 19 outbreak, nonprofits are feeling the strain everywhere.  Knowing that Leads Club Members are also active in their communities, this should be an easy category to fill.  Feel free to contact our office for more information.