There are so many stories and theories going around about this disease, here is something that is close to home.   To the best of my knowledge, at this time, Gregg Garfield is the only Leads Club Member I’ve heard of that contracted the Virus.  While his story is dire, there is a positive ending in that he survived.

I know our Members are very supportive and interested in Members and Chapters throughout the system, so I decided to share this with you.  Gregg has been a stellar Member since 2003 and always had a smile and enthusiasm for his fellow Members.  Leads Club is also a client of his, so we were devastated when we heard he was hospitalized for 64 days upon return from a Ski trip to Italy earlier this year.

Here is a link to his story and a  “Go Fund Me” page.   It’s not an easy read, but it does show how devastating this virus is and how strong Gregg must have been to survive.  I know you will join us in sending him your healing thoughts and prayers.

Please be safe.


Lisa Bentson, Leads Club CVO