I’d like to showcase Brian Fife of Easy Alfred. He has been really on top of other networking events to find the Chapter business. He has been attending meetings at the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce regularly. The Chamber is well connected, and they created BINGE NETWORKING as a source for the Chapter to stay connected with the South Bay. It is free and fun.

Brian and another like-minded entrepreneur created a quick networking source called Local Links Adapt & Thrive. The purpose is for people to come together once a week and be part of the entrepreneurial community exchanging ideas about their current expansion. They are learning tips while being heard in break-out sessions. They always take something away from the meetings. They have also met some really nice people through this process and really appreciate Brian’s efforts to expand the Chapter in these professional environments.

Brian also got a member paired up with his Local Links partner Matt Quirk. They completed a livestream on Facebook the other day for about 30 minutes. They talked about her organizing business and what she could be doing differently and how she plans to move forward. It was a great talk.

Because she was on the Local Links meeting regularly, she reconnected with Rebecca Chere, an Alumni of Leads Club and current owner of Organically at Your Best. Rebecca invited her to do a Virtual Presentation for her organizing business. She created a 7-day Survival Guide
that can be used weekly to manage in-home activities in a successful way. She’s had so much fun with all this. Thank You Brian Fife! He is a member of the Redondo Beach Coed Chapter in Redondo Beach, CA.