Janie Arnold is a Chapter Consultant and Former Regional Director with Leads Club. She is a member of the Dynamic Women in Business Chapter in Santa Barbara, CA.

She is a Marketing Director with Melaleuca, The Wellness Company. “I introduce people to our online store of over 400 everyday products that are safe, effective, and affordable, shipped directly to your door.”

Leads Club has positively impacted her business by making her “a much better businesswoman, giving me a safe place to hone my speaking skills and a great reason to talk to ‘strangers’. Being in print sales for much of my life and now in consumer packaged goods the skills are invaluable.  More than half of the membership in my chapter are Melaleuca clients.  I am very grateful for their support.”

A tip she would give a Member  “is to stay engaged with your membership, make attendance a ‘not to be missed’ meeting every week and talk to everyone you get to visit with about the interesting people and businesses in your chapter.”  She can be contacted at 805 403 1282 or [email protected].