Sherri Silva’s business is, The Finishing Touch. “I started my business to collaborate, envision, and create inspiring spaces that uplift and delight within the reach of a reasonable budget. I also love to decorate tables for events and add the flare of decor to any season you may celebrate. Whether you need a clever shuffle of what you already have or a total room make-over or remodel, I love to bring the ‘welcome’ back to your home or office.”

A tip for Members is: “Be authentic with your clients. This means being a good listener and putting a client’s desires and needs above your own. For my design business, this sometimes means decorating in a style that I don’t necessarily prefer or may even be off trend. Neither of those things matter if it is what the client loves. For me, I remind myself, ‘this is their space, not mine.’ I’m just fortunate enough to be asked to help.”

Leads Club has positively impacted her business by “completely growing it. I started with an idea and a name and the rest grew from the gals in my club that had enough confidence and trust in me, and to refer me over and over. I have many repeat clients and those that hire me just to decorate for the holiday seasons.”

Her contact information is: [email protected], cell: 805-794-3039.