Ann Mosich

Ann Mosich

Biographical Info I am an independent Sr. Stylist at Ruby Ribbon. We're a Shapewear/Fashion/Swimwear Company. I have been with them for almost four years. We are unlike any other shape wear out in the marketplace. We have what is called variable compression which, works with,not against, a woman's body. You also can lose up to one inch on your waist. Our pants, leggings, skirts,dresses have a skinny band to help smooth your core area. We're the first direct sales company that sells Swimwear. We have one pieces that have invishape built in to smooth and shape, we also have Tankini's with two different bottoms that smooth and shape. They are also Chlorine Resistant. Women who haven't worn a Swimsuit in years are loving these.

Email Address

Phone Number (320) 947-1690

Business Wardrobe Sales

Position Sr. Stylist

Business Address 28111 S. Ridgefern Ct Torrance CA 90275

Phone 310-947-1690


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