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Maaike Saenz

Biographical Info Maaike Saenz (pronounced My k’ Sa’ enz) is a Certified Health, Life and Wellness Coach she helps women transform their pain into energy so they can do and be everything they want to in their life and feel proud of themselves. How? She helps them slowly change their habits about their relationship with food, movement and thought her clients are able to expand their awareness in all three areas (Mind, Body and Spirit) and stay consistent in their actions which lead them to a Total shift in their life. She is a Psychology Graduate from Mexico City, mother of three healthy athletic young adults. Has worked with children with attention deficit disorders in the past. For the past 20 years, Maaike has been immersed in learning about nutrition, mindset, body performance and functions and a marathon runner for the past 13 years, which has helped her better understand the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit. Her own transformation has led her to learn the secrets on breaking through exhaustion and pain to feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated, and energized. Maaike is committed to help you find your LIGHT to Wellness through a series of 5 simple stepping stones to Transform your pain into Energy for a happier life with no regrets, no judgment, no cravings and with long lasting results. Things might look nice on written, but when spoken and heard they are much more powerful. I am here for you if you are ready to make a change in your life and have everlasting results. There is no quick fix, this is a slow pace fix, so that you never have to go back to a diet, a regret, a shame, a program that will give you temporary results. At Maaike's Wellness we transform your pain into energy to change your life! Motto: Change your pain into your power!

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