Melanie Sargent

Melanie Sargent

Biographical Info Melanie Sargent chooses to live and work boldly, as a strong voice for all individuals and couples to definitively create positive change, first with themselves, and then with others. Helping people clarify their needs and desires, so they can effectively communicate, increasing inner peace and clarity as they align with their authentic truths; releasing anxiety and anxiety related symptoms and issues, increasing intimacy in personal relationships, and creating radical, healthy confidence as they move through the various aspects of individual or couples sessions. Each person's experience will be unique; specifically tailored for the requirements of the individual. Whether working with a teen who may be seeking acceptance and reassurance in an ever-changing and demanding world, or someone with debilitating anxiety, or couples that are choosing to grow or release their relationship, Melanie can help.

Email Address

Phone Number (831) 345-2233

Business Essentials BodyMind Clinic

Position Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Owner, Intuitive

Business Address 1509 Seabright Avenue, Suite A2; Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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