Nihal Kaur, L.Ac.

Nihal Kaur, L.Ac.

Biographical Info Nihal Kaur, MTCM, L.Ac. has helped hundreds of people overcome burnout, brain fog, anxiety, and fatigue in her award winning medical practice. Nihal creates space to heal at her wellness center, trainings, and retreats, inviting our community members to come home to their bodies. She is committed to elevating the awareness of trauma and what it takes to recover to the national conversation and our daily interactions. Because the causes of trauma are the political inheritance of our time, her work is necessarily grounded in a commitment to accessibility, healing justice and reparations. We spotlight leaders in the field of socially-aware trauma recovery and amplify queer and BIPOC voices.

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Phone Number (831) 334-7555

Business Nihal Kaur Acupuncture

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Business Address 416 Ocean View Ave, Suite D, Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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