Bradley Poock

Bradley Poock

Biographical Info Bradley grew up in a town of 2,000 in Sumner, Iowa with a billboard that read, "A city with a future"; where his dad owned the local Phillips 66 station and his mom delivered mail and was the bookkeeper of their small family business. When he was 10 his parents sold the family business and moved the family to Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa; where his dad served as a business manager for a missionary organization. He attended Junior High in Liberia and went to High School at a boarding school in Bouake, Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. Seeing firsthand how families went without food, water or power; started his appreciation of being able to afford the little things in life. His experiences started his appreciation of saving for a rainy day, investing and financial planning. His grandfather once asked him after working a 15 hour day, to think of the best day of work. He was stumped and had to really think about it and then his grandfather asked; what was your favorite vacation? His point was to realize that we work to live life and provide for our loved ones...but we should not live to work to wake up one day wishing we had spent more time with our loved ones, as life can be cut short at anytime. If he could have changed one thing, it would have been to spend more time with those that he loved; but he felt he couldn't because he hadn't saved enough in his mind; to be able to stop working. If only someone would have taught him to save and invest his monies in strategies that would grow and create passive income to help in his retirement years...he would have been in a better place. If someone asks; what do you want to do in retirement; what would you say? Will you be able to afford to do those things for 20-40 years after retirement? How will you replace your current income when you retire? His experience with his grandfather helped build Bradley's commitment to saving, investing and actively pursuing passive income for his clients; while also protecting and growing the assets for the future. Passive income from investments can allow you to pursue your "bucket list" of things you want to do. If set up correctly, income from your investments can be left for generations of family members to enjoy and remember you by. Finding ways for your monies to work for you, while generating passive income is a specialty of Bradley's. He understands and works on balancing income & growth strategies; whether from bonds, stocks, mutual funds, insurance, annuities, business or real estate ventures. Your money should be working for you; whether you are working or are retired. Bradley has been a Financial Advisor for over 20 years with Morgan Stanley. He started as an intern and worked his way up the corporate ladder where he hired and helped train hundreds of financial advisors; both locally and at the World Trade center before the towers were destroyed. In his spare time, he has volunteered as a coach for AYSO soccer, Little League & Pony baseball, Frosh/Soph & middle school basketball. He has taught emancipated youth on what to do with finances when in the real working world, he has volunteered at his local animal shelter, volunteered for different charities; Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Runaways and Cancer organizations. He has served and been a member of multiple chambers’ of commerce and other community organizations. He enjoys spending time with his family; Sheri, Jordin & Braedin when not working. His "bucket list" will include golfing, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, travel and enjoying the grandkids.

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