Consistency and Communications Creates Good Expectations

Thalassa “Taz” Fuhrmann is a Chapter Consultant in Colorado. She is a Full-Service General Contractor who specializes in working with HOA’s, Apartments, & Facility Management Companies with Spartan Construction Services.

A tip for Members is to have “Consistency and Communications. Without consistency, your clients and trusted business partners do not know what to expect from your company. Without communication, no one knows what to expect from you or your company.

Leads Club has positively impacted her business by ensuring, “I get up and start my day by making good business connections and reminding myself every week it is not what you receive but what you give that gets results.

Her contact info: phone 303-910-6865, email: or visit

Tip: Build meaningful Relationships with Other Members

Candy Messer is a Special Chapter Consultant in Los Angeles, CA. She owns Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services. She is a Profitability and Growth Advisor who also assists entrepreneurs with bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax reporting, and 1099 processing.

A tip she would give Members is: “Take the time to build meaningful relationships with other members. When they know and like you, they will want to help you grow your business.”

Leads Club has positively impacted her business “Because the services I offer are on-going leads I’ve received who then become long-time clients. My revenue from referrals have averaged 17-25% of my total income each year.

Her contact information is: or 310-534-5577

61 Continuous Meetings Attended

Jennifer Lopez has attended 61 meetings in a row without missing… until she overslept last Tuesday and missed the whole meeting! She never misses so we were all really worried. We guess the baby had kept her up most of the night and she slept through the alarm. She has been on the management team for 10 months. She is a massage therapist and a new mom. She is a member of the Rancho Cucamonga Women’s Chapter in Ontario, CA.

An Attitude of Giving and Listening Can Help with Referrals

Please help me honor my friend, Malinda Difley, a Certified Financial Planner with Phelan-Difley Advisory Group. Malinda has over 20 years of experience helping people and small businesses manage their wealth. Malinda is a strong member of the Pacific Coast Coed Chapter in Torrance, CA. Her tip for Leads Club success is to have an attitude of giving and listening for any needs and opportunities for referrals to help friends and associates. Malinda can be contacted at 310-265-5429.

A Change in Attitude Can Go a Long Way

Donna Adams is part of the Insurance Team at Mark Schoettler’s office – “we help people with auto, home, commercial and life insurance,” and is a long-standing Chapter Consultant in the South Bay in Los Angeles, CA.

“Leads Club has positively impacted our business in the following ways: 1. Increased business 2. Building confidence 3. Becoming a hero to our clients 4. Increasing knowledge about many different subjects 5. Making connections.”

A tip she would give Members: “We all joined Leads Club to increase our business, but if we can change our attitude and give to others, it all seems to come back.”


Going the Extra Mile in Atlanta, GA

Jill Petersen is the Spotlight member. She has been running our virtual meetings every week. She plays a great role in making our meetings go off without a hitch. She is always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate our team members at the Vinings Women’s Chapter in Atlanta, GA. Jill is a realtor and she and her husband are a dynamic team!

Bringing in Leads in Santa Barbara, CA

My spotlight member is Yvonne Blanco, a General Contractor with the Fix It Guys. Yvonne is a faithful member of the Women’s Prosperity Chapter in Santa Barbara, CA. She is currently the Coordinator, who is vigilant in keeping track of leads passed each week. She is always bringing leads and giving referrals to her fellow members. She brings joy, support and curiosity with her to every meeting.