Los Angeles Real Estate Consultant helps clients find ways to purchase or refinance a home.

Allen Bond has been in real estate financing for over 30 years, specializing in financing for 1-4 unit properties whether it be a purchase or refinance. Allen can help with both owner occupied and investment properties and can lend in all 50 states. They have a Union Plus program for Union members and their families. Allen has the experience, knowledge, and programs to get each customer the best financial fit for them. Allen is a member of the Pacific Coast Coed Chapter in Torrance, CA. He passed the highest dollar amount of referrals for the month of March.

Allen Bond
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Home Mortgage Consultant
Relocation Specialist
NMLSR ID 486412

“2020 Marketing Strategies for Covid and Beyond”

A National Networking Event

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020

 4:00p – 5:00p PT via Zoom

Cost: FREE!

Please join us for our first ever Free, National, Leads Club Online Networking event. It will be a fast paced hour with Networking, Raffle Prizes, a Keynote Presentation, and Breakout rooms for more Networking.

All Leads Club Members are welcome and Guests are encouraged. Register now and we look forward to seeing you soon.


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Recap of Breakout sessions
  • Raffle and Prizes!

Keynote Presentors: Betsy Kohler-Flores with Reach Local and Larry Ramsey with IRG Marketing will share their tips and tools to help you not just survive, but thrive.


Every Small Business is Essential!

This new big word “Essential” is being used endlessly by our Govt. to determine who gets to work.  While I respect and understand the need for some type of policy around the dangerous virus, I just don’t like a profession being labeled like this.  Especially when the majority of businesses being labeled this way are our small business community.I truly believe all of our small business people are essential but didn’t really know how to articulate it.  Then I read an article by one of my favorite people, Joshua Becker, titled “Becoming Essential“.   I hope you enjoy his perspective and thoughts as much as I did.

Leads Club Member suffers from Covid-19


There are so many stories and theories going around about this disease, here is something that is close to home.   To the best of my knowledge, at this time, Gregg Garfield is the only Leads Club Member I’ve heard of that contracted the Virus.  While his story is dire, there is a positive ending in that he survived.

I know our Members are very supportive and interested in Members and Chapters throughout the system, so I decided to share this with you.  Gregg has been a stellar Member since 2003 and always had a smile and enthusiasm for his fellow Members.  Leads Club is also a client of his, so we were devastated when we heard he was hospitalized for 64 days upon return from a Ski trip to Italy earlier this year.

Here is a link to his story and a  “Go Fund Me” page.   It’s not an easy read, but it does show how devastating this virus is and how strong Gregg must have been to survive.  I know you will join us in sending him your healing thoughts and prayers.

Please be safe.


Lisa Bentson, Leads Club CVO

Non Profit business Members are welcome in Leads Club!

Please allow me to introduce you to one of the most driven and passionate advocates for Veterans that I have ever met.  Keith Field has been driving Veterans to appointments for over 15 years and as he saw the need grow he decided to start “Serving Veterans”.  He has large dreams and goals for helping Veterans nationwide and is in the rollout phase as we speak.

The Lake Houston Chapter of Leads Club has been a wonderful resource for him in launching “Serving Veterans”,  please check out his personal story here:

Serving  Veterans  A Servant Ministry to Those Who Have Served.   POB 84803 Pearland, TX  77584  832.220.9253

April 13, 2020           

Leads Club Management,

To whom it may concern,

My name is Keith, and I am a co-founder of Serving Veterans, Inc.  During 2019, I was introduced to Leads Club in Atascocita, Tx, when my organization needed embroidered shirts for a veteran employment event.  While the work was excellently done by Esther Ross, a more important connection was made with the chapter of the Leads Club of which she is a leader.

Her invitation to attend a meeting and her follow-up offer for us to become their group’s non-profit member has resulted in our being able to utilize the tax accounting, internet website development, and legal counsel members.  In addition, this organization has given us the opportunity to refer people we meet to members of this group who provide services to the veterans we interact with, which is a business referral that benefits the chapter.

As our organization continues to grow, the range of services available through the Leads Club members to people who volunteer with us, donate to us, and who are part of our outreach to veterans every day, will see how the people who provide us with services are members of the Leads Club chapters.

My thanks to all your people for having a heart for non-profits, and I trust that other chapters will take this advantage to be involved with those who are the often unsung heroes in our communities.

Keith Field, Transportation Services   Serving Veterans, Inc.

“Serving Veteran’s is “Lake Houston’s Non-Profit Category in their Chapter.  Did you know that Leads Club welcomes one Non-Profit Membership per Chapter, and waives their fees.  They are however responsible for any meal or venue fees and they must submit formal paperwork showing their official nonprofit status, such as a  501-C3 or similar along with their application.

I can think of no better time than now to support one of your local Non-Profits.  During the Covid 19 outbreak, nonprofits are feeling the strain everywhere.  Knowing that Leads Club Members are also active in their communities, this should be an easy category to fill.  Feel free to contact our office for more information.

Updated Covid-19 Hot Sheet

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Consider subscribing to our blog, just click here and get the latest small business support material from trusted sources and real-life ideas on how our Chapters are thriving while meeting remotely.

Just two days later, another update, as you know, things that are changing very fast.   Please read the details carefully as not all offers are as they are promoted in the media.  Many offers are loans and deferrals, not free money.  Also, sadly, many have already been exhausted, but with the hope that there will be more coming, learn about it now so you are ready.      Coronavirus  of Relief Programs 04-16-2020

Please keep “Cautious, Kind and Calm”.  We are not at the beginning and we may be in the middle and there will be an end.  Hang in there.


Lisa Bentson

Coronavirus Relief Programs Overview updated April 14, 2020

This is a good overview of what the Government has on the table for small business help.  Please do read the details. as most are loans or deferments, not gifts as the media seems to like to infer.

Our San Diego Score Chapter created this easy overview to help you see if you are eligible for anything.  The majority of the programs are national so if you are not in San Diego, there is still a lot here for you to see.  Coronavirus Hotsheet of Relief Programs 04-14-2020 (1)

Zoom Security Update from Aprl 9, 2020


Dear Valued Customer,

As Eric shared last week, our commitment to strengthening and improving Zoom is our number one priority. We wanted to reach out with a quick overview of our latest release, and highlight the number of new enhancements created specifically for ensuring the security and privacy of our product. For more information on these changes, please reference our Release Notes.

Security Toolbar Icon for Hosts
The meeting host will now have a Security option in their meeting controls, which exposes all of Zoom’s existing in-meeting security controls in one place. This includes locking the meeting, enabling Waiting Room, and more. Users can also now enable Waiting Room in a meeting, even if the feature was not turned on before the start of the meeting. For more information, please visit this recently published Blog.

Invite Button on Meeting Client Toolbar
The button to invite others to join your Zoom meeting is now available at the bottom of the Participants panel.

Meeting ID No Longer Displayed
The meeting ID will no longer be displayed in the title bar of the Zoom meeting window. The meeting ID can be found by clicking on Participants, then Invite or by clicking on the info icon at the top left of the client window.

Remove Attendee Attention Tracking Feature
Zoom has removed the attendee attention tracker feature as part of our commitment to the security and privacy of our customers. For more background on this change and how we are pivoting during these unprecedented times, please see a note from our CEO, Eric S. Yuan.

Removal of the Facebook SDK in our iOS client 
We have reconfigured the feature so that users will still be able to log in with Facebook via their browser.

File Transfers
The option to do third-party file transfers in Meeting and Chat was temporarily disabled. Local file transfer is available with our latest release. Third-party file transfers and clickable URLs in meeting chat will be added back in an upcoming release.

New Join Flow for the Web client
By default, users will now need to sign in to their Zoom account or create a Zoom account when joining a meeting with the Web client. This can be disabled by the Admin or the User from their settings page.

Join Before Host Emails Disabled
Notifications sent to the host via email when participants are waiting for the host to join the meeting have been disabled.

Setting to Allow Participants to Rename Themselves
Account admins and hosts can now disable the ability for participants to rename themselves in any meeting. This setting is available at the account, group, and user level in the Web portal.

Language for Directory and Company Directory
Domain contacts: The language in your Company directory and Directory has changed. ‘Directory’ is now referred to as ‘Contacts’, ‘My Groups’ has changed to ‘My Contacts’, and ‘Company Directory’ is now listed as ‘All Contacts’ in version 4.6.10.

Domain Contacts Visibility 
For free Basic and single licensed Pro accounts with unmanaged domains, contacts in the same domain will no longer be visible. We’ve also removed the option to auto-populate your Contacts list with users from the same domain. If you would like to keep those contacts, you can add them as External Contacts.

Please be sure to update to our latest release to take advantage of these new features. We also highly encourage you to register for our webinar to get an overview of this latest release, and subscribe to our Blog for more information and resources in the days to come.

Team Zoom




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Overview of CARES Act and other valuable resources

With so much in the news and in flux, here is a brief overview of what it is as of now.      CARES_Act_Highlights

We will post any updates as we receive them.

Check out these two other organizations that may be helpful.

SBA, Small Business Association is a federally funded organization that offers many tools and loans for small businesses. https://www.score.org/

Score, a resource partner of the SBA offering free and low-cost workshops and free mentoring.  https://www.score.org/