Congratulations – Leader of the Year for the Oakbrook Coed Chapter

Congratulations Bob Signorella of Century Accounting is the Leader of the Year for the Oakbrook Coed Chapter in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. He is a founding member with over 25 years of membership. He emphasizes that this is the Monday Morning Sales Meeting and members need to remember to keep their team energized, motivated and educated in order to pass leads.

Having Chapter Accountability Helps In Busy Times

Megan Holly – Photographic Artist,,

My biggest Leads Club tip is that aside from the innate business growth and connections you gain from being a member there is such a great component of accountability. For me, when it’s a busy or tough season, many times I just want to put my head down and push through it – retreating into my work. But knowing I have Leads Club each week to show up for helps me to stay level-headed and connected, even through the hard. The ladies are always supportive and help me remember why I love being a business owner.

How to Bring Your Business to a New Level

Ginny Milhoan of Milhoan Chiropractic is a stellar member of the Sunrise Professionals Women’s Chapter in Santa Barbara, CA., not only is she the keeper of the chapter stats this term, but has also been on the leadership team 9 out of the past 12 terms. Ginny is a big player in sharing leads and the queen of attendance. Ginny truly deserves to be spotlighted. Her tip, which she will share as often as possible is to “hold yourself to the weekly attendance. Showing up is half the job, just being at the meetings and being engaged with the members will take your business to a new level.”


Strong Dedication to Her Chapter in Santa Barbara, CA.

Joyce Carlisle of Stonehouse Fitness, is the month’s Spotlight. Joyce has a strong dedication to the membership of the Chapter and is the current director. She is committed to the support, praise and use of the services of nearly every member. She really took the lead in getting this Chapter active on their Meetup account and has, nearly single-handedly, enrolled many new members to the Chapter in doing so. She is a member of the Women’s Prosperity Partners in Santa Barbara, CA.

Following Up On Leads in Santa Cruz, CA.

Gina Carling makes sure her Chapter follows the Leads Club procedures. She has served on the Leadership Team several times, once as director. She always works to find leads for her fellow members and then have them follow up on those leads. She also likes to invite visitors. Nice work Gina! She is a member of the Santa Cruz Coed Chapter in Santa Cruz, CA.

Passed the Most Leads in Torrance, CA

Please help me honor my friend April Pitcairn. April is a very active member of the Pacific Coast Chapter in Torrance, CA and during the month of November, she passed the most leads. April is a Certified Health Coach. She lost 40 pounds on the program she coaches and has kept if off for over four years! If you would like to connect with April, you can email her at