Tip: Become a Curious Sponge

Lauren Bragg, The Fung Shei Collective, www.fengshuicollective.com

Lauren jumped in with both feet when she joined and is full steam ahead with offering workshop, tips and support to all the members.

Her tip: “Be a curious sponge, take time to really know each of the members’ businesses, find out who is who, take notes and be patient – it can take a while.”

Tip: Create Relationships First

Emily Atkins of Legal Shield/ID Shield comes to every meeting ready to learn, share and energize with this group of women. She rarely misses a meeting, shares all her ideas of ways to network during the pandemic with an energy and zeal!

Her Business tip – “Don’t sell your product/service so much as develop a relationship with each of the members. How can you help them? What are they about? They buy you first.”


Tip: Gaining Public Speaking Skills

Kait Cortenbach with State Farm Insurance https://www.myagentkait.com/ is a great member who is always giving leads and showing up with a smile! She says that since she has been a Leads Club member, she has more confidence with public speaking as well as talking to new people! Her tip is to go to every networking event you can and meet as many new people as you can! And then share Leads Club with them 🙂


Leads Club Spring Forward Newsletter

As leaders in the small business community, we have seen our share of challenges and successes these past twelve months. Please allow me to congratulate the flexibility of our Members as they quickly shifted to Zoom meetings and have continued to build each other’s businesses through this hard time. Since the majority of our Members represent the small business community, we all know how hard COVID has impacted them. Again, kudos to you for making it through with your positive entrepreneurial spirit of “Conscious Cooperation Produces Results”!
This year I learned two very difficult lessons. One, I have no control! Two, having a calendar/schedule is gone! Those of you who know me know that I have a Type A personality and really like having all my ducks in a row and know exactly when each one goes where. Ha! While these lessons were hard earned, they have been beneficial in many ways both personally and professionally. I found these two articles to be comforting and helpful, I hope you enjoy.
  • “How to Be Okay with Loose Plans in Your Life.”  https://www.wellandgood.com/loose-plans/ Who knew my not being able to plan had 3 easy solutions?
  • “Opinion: I’ve been yearning for an end to the pandemic. Now that it’s here, I’m a little afraid.” What will re-entry look like? https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/03/09/weve-adjusted-pandemic-life-now-we-face-anxiety-leaving-it-behind/

As we finish the first quarter of 2021 and spring into a new season, I wish you health and joy. And of course, a happy and growing business!



Congratulations – Leader of the Year for the Naperville Women’s Chapter

Congratulations to Amy Mulcare of Allstate Insurance for being chosen as Leader of the Year at the Naperville Women’s Chapter in Lisle, IL. As past director, Amy led the way during the difficult time of transition to Zoom meetings. She kept the atmosphere calm, clear and strong so that members became a support system for each other. Amy’s  background has assisted her in maintaining structure and focus when things seem to be very chaotic.


How to Avoid the Doghouse!

Jodi Lazor-Goetz with CeeJay’s Place for Flowers is the go-to concierge for amazing flower arrangements and plant displays. She keeps a calendar of client’s important dates to help them stay out of the doghouse! She is a member of the Rolling Hills Coed Chapter in Torrance, CA.

Value in Getting to Know Your Chapter’s Members

Robert Watson with The Watson Agency: Farmers Insurance

Website: https://agents.farmers.com/ca/watsonville/robert-watson

Email: [email protected]

Business Tip: “Show up and get excited about each member’s value proposition.”

Personal Leads Club Testimonial: “ I have gained the most valuable business partners I have through this endeavor.”

Bringing in New Visitors and Stepping Up to Leadership

I would like to Spotlight Munni Krishnan as he has brought in five new visitors and is collaborating with some outstanding other professionals. He has stepped up to be the mentor chair and his attitude is wonderful. He is super informative about all areas of tax law and provides us with very useful tips! We are so appreciative to have this CPA in our group. He is a member of the Los Angeles Coed Chapter in Los Angeles, CA.


The Benefits of Doing 1-1’s

Rebecca Hazelton with Health and Wellness Coach with Choosing Health Now.

Website: www.choosinghealthnow.com  Email: [email protected]

Leads Club Success Tip: “Doing 1-1’s with other members has made an impact on my Leads Club experience. It is a great way to deepen relationships and learn about each other’s services. I have really enjoyed using the services of my Leads sisters as well as coaching some of them so that they feel confident referring my services.”


Being A Great Chapter Consultant in La Habra, CA.

Lily Ramos with Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski is the Chapter Consultant and a huge asset to the chapter. She always has a beautiful smile on her face, is professional and quick to offer words of encouragement. She genuinely cares for all of the chapter members and guests that visit. She is always willing to chip in to help where needed. Lastly, Lily is always on top of keeping the chapter informed of what is going on. Great work Lily!