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Leads Club is looking for dynamic, results-oriented professionals with solid business principles and a desire to succeed. If you are interested in becoming a Leads Club Regional Director, contact Leads Club and a representative will answer your questions and provide you additional details about this exciting opportunity.

As the industry leader for referral marketing organizations, and founded in 1978, Leads Club is the oldest and most respected networking organization in the world. Hundreds of chapters in the U.S. and Australia provide:

Results Oriented

Chapters report monthly to their Regional Office the number of referrals, or Leads passed. Thus far millions of Leads have been exchanged by Members generating billions of dollars of new business. Results for individual members are monitored by periodic questionnaires to Members. The latest survey showed a 19 – 25% average yearly increase in sales within the first year of membership.

Membership is limited to only one person per business category in a chapter so there is no competition for referrals in your business – unlike large groups such as business or professional associations.

Meetings are held every week so you can give and receive more timely referrals. Because a limit on absences is enforced, only dedicated and motivated business people are attracted.

Meetings are run by and for the members with the sole purpose being networking for referrals. Time is not spent on subjects which do not produce leads.

Membership is limited to 30 per chapter so you can really get to know the person behind the business card and feel comfortable making referrals.

Fees are reasonable, less than a dollar a day and often less than the cost of an ad run once in a newspaper. Optional advance payment plans offer discounts.


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For more information on becoming a Leads Club Regional Consultant, please Contact Us.


Meet Caroline Donahue

Caroline Donahue, Director Team Silverlake

About Leads Club, Inc

A business is an entity existing primarily in the financial world; however, Leads Club believes that businesses must exist for some higher purpose than their financial aspects alone. A business is not a master to be...

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About CEO Lisa Bentson

CEO Lisa Bentson

Lisa Bentson began her Leads Club, Inc. career in 1983 by working with approximately 120 members who participated in seven California Chapters. She advanced to the position of Vice President of Business Development in 1990 and President in 1994...

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About Founder Ali Lassen

Founder Ali Lassen

In 1978, business woman Ali Lassen introduced a networking system so successful that today Leads Club Inc is one of the most imitated businesses in the entrepreneurial world and remains the leader in networking organizations....

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