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Thank you for your interest in Leads Club and how Leads Club can expand your business success.

No Leads Clubs Chapters in your area? No openings in the Chapters in your city? If you are an energetic business owner with good networking skills and think of yourself as a leader, then consider starting your own Leads Club Chapter in your area!

Who’s your tribe?

Having your own business is often a lonely journey, and the support of a group can make all the difference.  With Leads Club, you can:

  • Connect weekly with like-minded professionals who are serious about building their businesses.
  • Collaborate with others to take your business—and theirs—to new heights.
  • Feel a part of a team with a shared mission.
  • Enjoy a proven, structured system to accept and refer quality leads from each other.
  • Have fun in the process!

What Does it Take?

It’s easier than you may think. You can start a Chapter with as few as 15 people. First, choose two dynamic people like yourself to be on your Leadership Team and help build your new Chapter. There is a financial incentive for the founding team.

Our Six-Week Quick Start Program will guide you through the process. And rather than neglecting your own business as you build your chapter, you’ll actually be accelerating it! When you’re making new connections for Leads Club, you’re making new contacts and building your network for your own business as well. Best of all, you’ll soon be seen as a leader in your local community.

The Logistics

Just choose a day, time, and location that’s convenient for you. Tuesday – Thursday breakfast or lunch meetings have proven to be the most successful because that’s when most people are available.  

Want to know more? Email or call Lisa Bentson, CVO of Leads Club at 800.783.3761 today!

Leads Club is the first and most respected business networking organization in the world. Founded in 1978, Leads Club is the original referral-based marketing organization for small businesses. It has thousands of Members in Chapters across the U.S.

Meet Caroline Donahue

Caroline Donahue, Director Team Silverlake

About Leads Club, Inc

A business is an entity existing primarily in the financial world; however, Leads Club believes that businesses must exist for some higher purpose than their financial aspects alone. A business is not a master to be...

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About CEO Lisa Bentson

CEO Lisa Bentson

Lisa Bentson began her Leads Club, Inc. career in 1983 by working with approximately 120 members who participated in seven California Chapters. She advanced to the position of Vice President of Business Development in 1990 and President in 1994...

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About Founder Ali Lassen

Founder Ali Lassen

In 1978, business woman Ali Lassen introduced a networking system so successful that today Leads Club Inc is one of the most imitated businesses in the entrepreneurial world and remains the leader in networking organizations....

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