Leads Club Philosophy

A business is an entity existing primarily in the financial world; however, Leads Club believes that businesses must exist for some higher purpose than their financial aspects alone. A business is not a master to be served by people, but should itself serve. The reason for our existence is to serve the higher purpose of “helping people help themselves.”

Leads Club Creed

As a Leads Club member…
I speak honestly and use good business ethics.
I am strong, courageous and resourceful.
I know conscious cooperation produces results.
I make a commitment to the success and prosperity of myself and Leads Club members.

Leads Club Purpose

The purpose of Ali Lassen’s Leads Club is to assist you in getting good business referrals that will expand your business success.
Leads Club is dedicated to maximizing the use of your time and resources to get good business referrals. To accomplish this goal, Leads Club uses a method of spaced, timed, repetition of information.
We are not a social club. We are a business dedicated to increasing your business success.

Our Services

Our Services should always be of superior quality – the very best that we can provide. We refuse to offer a service in which we do not believe and cannot take personal pride. We will always offer maximum value for every dollar invested.

Members and Clients

They are the foundation of our business. Our only true asset is our ability to serve them. In all of our dealings we will be honest, truthful and strive to serve their best interest and provide an effective means to increase their business.

Employees and Associates

We respect the value of those associated with us as fellow humans and their right of self-determination in setting their own career objectives. We will never regard people as objects or pawns to be used for the purpose of management. To the best of our ability we will afford those associated with us a career opportunity where personal objectives may be reached. The environment within our group shall be such that those who are so motivated can develop personally, seek advancement, and earn greater success without forfeiting their right to fail.


We do not compete with those who serve. We endorse their efforts and seek only to cooperate. Our only competition, if any, comes from those who mislead, misguide or take unfair advantage.


We believe in making a fair and honest profit. The continuation of our business and its ability to fulfill its purpose is dependent upon profit. We refuse to deal with any of our publics on an unprofitable basis, least we fail them all.