Why Leads Club?

  • Connect weekly with like-minded professionals who are serious about building your business.
  • Collaborate with your fellow Members weekly and take your business – and theirs — to new heights.
  • Prosper with a proven, structured system that respects your time and resources.

We are different from other Clubs and Organizations with reasonable fees and accountability. Leads Club is effective Networking that is more fun!

How much is it to join Leads Club?

New Members submit a one-time joining fee of $150.00. Alumni/Returning Members pay $115.00.

  • Monthly fees are $47.00.
  • Annually-$497.00 (a $67.00 savings)

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t eat breakfast/lunch; do I still have to pay for a meal?

It varies and is determined by the Chapter Leadership Team and their agreement with the venue. In most situations, Members pay for their meal directly to the venue and are required to order.

Is there a charge to transfer?

No but your fees must be current.

Can I bring a visitor to my Chapter?

Yes. Introducing a visitor to Leads Club is the best way to grow your Chapter which in turn, builds your business. You are encouraged to bring visitors from business categories not currently represented. Visitors receive numerous benefits from attending including the opportunity to do two 30 second promotionals, distribute their business cards, and receive a Visitor Pack with information about Leads Club and containing every Member’s promotional materials. There may be a cost for their meal and a Visitor/advertising fee, which should be discussed prior to their visit. Please advise your Chapter Director about your Visitor in advance of the meeting.

What if my visitor’s category is already represented in the Chapter?

They are welcome to attend as a “Silent Visitor”. The Silent Visitor does not pay the advertising fee, participate in promotionals or, hand out their business cards. The exception is if the Visitor is a founding Director of a new Chapter, they may give their cards to Members who may refer them potential new Members. The Director will introduce them by name and as a Silent Visitor. The visitor can be given Leads Club information and be referred to their Regional office or the International Headquarters at (800) 783-3761.

How many times can the same visitor visit?

A visitor may visit the same Leads Club Chapter twice or two Chapters once each. This policy protects the Members from people who are not committed to the process.

Do I have to visit an active Chapter before I join Leads Club?

In majority of cases yes, you do want to visit first. Visiting a Chapter gives you the opportunity to view the process and meet the Members of the Chapter. This also gives the Members and Leadership Team the opportunity to get to know the Visitor prior to approving their Membership Application.
A common situation where you will not visit prior to joining is for a new Chapter. In that situation, you can visit a neighboring Chapter to experience the system if you are not already familiar.

Why is it called an advertising fee?

In Leads Club, you advertise your business to your fellow Members/ Strategic Partners who have a vested interest in your success. We provide you with the system, tools, training and ongoing support to advertise your business to your fellow Members. This results in your ability to receive Leads.

Where do my fees go?

Fees are processed through the International Headquarters. They in turn provide you as a Member with all of the tools and education you need to receive quality Leads and Referrals. These tools include but are not limited to the supplies you use each week during the meeting, training, marketing, and communication.

How much does it cost to belong to Leads Club?

There is a one-time registration fee and a monthly Membership fee. You can reduce the cost of your monthly fee by making an advance payment of quarterly, semi-annual or annual. Fees are nonrefundable and are due at the first meeting of each month. You will be accessed a late charge for fees paid after the first meeting of the month due.

How do I pay my fees?

There are a number of options available for your convenience. You can give your payment to the Chapter’s Coordinator at the meeting. We also offer online options at www.Leadsclub.com, or by calling the International Headquarters at 1 800 783.3761.

If I leave, or am dropped, from Leads Club, will my fees be refunded?

All fees are non-refundable. This is outlined in the Terms of the Member application you signed when you joined Leads Club.

Is there an annual renewal fee?

No, there is not a renewal fee. As long as you are a Member in good standing, all you pay is your monthly fee.

Who must approve my change in category?

The change must be approved by the Chapter Director and Region Officer. A new Application must be submitted.

Can my company pay my fees?

Yes, fees may be paid on or before the due date with a company check or credit card. If your company will only reimburse your fees, you must pay your fees on time, and then be reimbursed by your company.

If my company pays my fees; does my company own my Membership?

A Leads Club Membership is issued to an individual not a company. The person who completes and signs the Membership Application is the Member of record.

What is the maximum number of absences allowed during any 12 month period?

Members are permitted 12 absences in a 12-month period. These 12 absences are used by Members for personal and business reasons. No additional absences will be granted. You will forfeit your Membership to Leads Club on your 13th absence.

Leads Club knows that sometimes missing a meeting is unavoidable. To insure that you get the most out of your Leads Club Membership it is important to attend the meetings regularly. The more meetings you attend, the faster and better your Chapter Members get to know you and your business. The better we know you and your business, the more opportunity they have to pass you quality leads.

A Sabbatical is available for serious personal illness or injury, maternity, or activities adversely affecting the Chapter dynamics. A Sabbatical can only be approved by the Regional office.

What is an Incomplete Meeting Attendance?

Members are recorded absent when they arrive 15 minutes or later, or leave 15 minutes or earlier. Additionally, if the 30 second promotionals have already started, a member elects to forgo the first round of 30 second promotionals due to their late arrival.

What is an agent for a Member, and will sending an agent avoid an absence?

An agent is a representative of a Member that is unable to attend. Sending an agent ensures that you are represented at the meeting, by networking, giving promotionals and passing and receiving leads. Sending an agent is recorded as an absence for the Member. A Member may not act as an agent for another Chapter Member.

What is Alumni Status?

You become an Alumni Member when you leave your Chapter as a Member in good standing. This includes fulfilling the commitments you agreed to when completing your Membership Application. For most Members that means being current with fees and not have acceded the 12 absences. Alumni status enables you to join another Chapter or rejoin your current Chapter (six month wait required) by submitting an Application and a re-join fee. The rejoin fee is discounted from the new Member registration fee.

When I leave Leads Club can I rejoin in the future?

When you drop from your Leads Club Chapter as an Alumni Member you may be eligible to rejoin a Leads Club Chapter after a six month waiting period. At that time you submit an application and re-join fee, following the same approval process as a new Member.
If you do not leave in good standing, you follow the same process as an Alumni Member and submit the registration fee instead of the re-join fee.

If I leave Leads Club can my Membership be transferred to someone else?

Leads Club Membership is for the individual that signs the Membership Application. Since there is not a company Membership option, it may not be transferred to another individual. If you wish to recommend someone within your industry to your Chapter, that individual goes through the standard application process and pays the registration fee.

What is a Sabbatical?

A sabbatical is given for up to 3-months of non-attendance. It must be approved by the Regional office and is given for jury duty, maternity or serious person illness or injury. Sabbaticals are also given for Members whose activities may be adversely affecting the Chapter dynamics. Leads Club Members on an approved sabbatical must keep their fees current. Payment of fees during a sabbatical holds the position and category for you. Nonpayment of fees will result in you being dropped from your Chapter.

Can I visit my Chapter while I am on Sabbatical?

Yes, Members on sabbatical may attend Chapter meetings and participate partially or fully. Attending a meeting will not extend your sabbatical and does not erase prior accrued absences.

When is a Local Transfer permitted

  • When a Member changes careers and that category is filled in their current Chapter.
  • When a Member moves their home or office more than a 25 mile or 25 minute one way commute to their current Chapter.
  • Transfers must be approved by the Regional office. Members wishing to join another Chapter for any other reason must relinquish their Membership in good standing and wait six months before applying for Membership to another Chapter.

What is the Leadership Team?

The Leadership team consists of three Chapter Members, selected by the previous Chapter Director, who volunteer to host and facilitate weekly Chapter meetings. The positions are: Director, Assistant Director and Coordinator.

Who, What, When, Where and Why did Leads Club begin?

Leads Club was founded in 1978 in Orange County, California, by Ali Lassen, a successful entrepreneur and business woman. Based on a trademarked system she developed of timed repetition of information, business promotion and personal referrals, Leads Club began as a way for women business owners and managers to build their own professional networks.

In 1984, Leads Club expanded to include men and women. Today there are hundreds of Leads Club Chapters worldwide. Leads Club Associates, specializing in Member services, marketing and new Chapter development, work at the Leads Club International Headquarters in California. They also support, Regional Directors and Chapter Consultants.

What kind of businesses belongs to Leads Club? How do I know if my business is a good fit?

Leads Club Members come from all kinds of and sizes of business. If you prefer to do business by referral, then Leads Clubs is a good fit for you. Our core Membership is comprised of small businesses, Professionals and those engaged in Sales.

How long will it take to get my first lead?

The average Member experiences Leads after 3-6 months, depending on a number of variables. What kind of business you have, how high is the trust level necessary to refer, and how frequently your clients or customers need what you have. Are you selling a product or service? Do you attend Chapter meetings regularly and do you give Leads. All of these things play a part in how quickly you receive Leads.
Leads Club is not just about getting Leads, it is also about giving Leads. Passing Leads to your fellow Chapter Members is an integral part of the referral process. Passing Leads demonstrates your commitment to the process and enhances your opportunity to receive Leads. Like any advertising medium, we suggest you give Leads Club 3-6 months to have an impact your business.

How often does a Leads Club Chapter meet and what is the length of each meeting?

Most Leads Club Chapters meet weekly during breakfast or lunch. Ideal meeting days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
The meeting time is one hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes).
Leads Club Chapters meet up to 50 weeks a year, traditionally taking one week off during the December holidays. Chapters generally do not meet when a national holiday falls on their meeting day, for example, Thursday Chapters do not meet on Thanksgiving (USA).

How is my business promoted at each meeting?

Each Member gives two 30 second promotionals, one at the beginning and one at the end of each meeting. Members are also scheduled, on a rotational basis, to give an in-depth, 10 minute presentation at least five times per year. (the total number of 10 minute presentations you give each year depends on the number of Members in your Chapter). Member’s business cards and marketing materials are given to Visitors in the Visitor Packets.

What is the maximum number of Members in a Chapter?

Leads Club Chapters welcomes a maximum of thirty Members. This gives every Member the opportunity to promote their business via frequent presentations aimed at educating their sales force. Thirty Members also affords an ample number of people to build strategic partnerships with, enabling you to give and receive Leads.

How many Leads Clubs can I be a Member of at the same time?

Members may belong to one Leads Club. This is further assurance for Members that there is no competition within Leads Club. Members are strongly encouraged to belong to only one weekly, category specific, focused Networking group.

Does Leads Club fine Members?

No, negative reinforcement does not provide quality Leads and Referrals. Leads Club does however give awards and recognition for topics directly related to our purpose.

Can I be dropped from Leads Club?

Yes, you can forfeit your Membership in Leads Club by not abiding by the items you agreed to in your Membership Application.

  • For exceeding 12 absences in any 12 month period.
  • For representing/promoting anything other than the business category listed on your Membership Application.
  • For failure to pay your fees in a timely manner.
  • For unethical business practices.
  • For activities that adversely affect the Chapter dynamics.

How much time is designated for the passing of Leads at a meeting?

Every part of the program format is designed to enhance our purpose of quality Leads being generated. The specific time for exchanging Leads is ten minutes. During this time, every Member has the opportunity to share the following:

  • Leads they are passing and how it was obtained. (this helps other Members see potential Lead generating opportunities.)
  • Recognition and thanks for present and past Leads received.
  • Updates on the progress of pending Leads and results.

How long is each in-depth presentation and how many presenters should a Chapter have weekly?

Three Members speak at each meeting for ten minutes each. You may wish to plan an eight (8) minute presentation with two (2) minutes for questions.

What is the purpose of Leads Club?

The purpose of Leads Club is to assist you in getting good business referrals that will expand your business success.
Leads Club is dedicated to maximizing the use of your time and resources to get good business referrals. To accomplish this goal, Leads Club uses a method of spaced, timed, repetition of information.
Leads Club is not in competition with other group or clubs, nor are we a social club. We are an advertising service dedicated to increasing Members’ business success.

What is the length of service of a Chapter’s Leadership Team?

Six months. After that time you may be selected for the next position or step down.

Am I required to serve on my Chapter Leadership Team?

No, but serving on the Leadership Team can be a positive experience that improves your standing and recognition among the Members of your Chapter and your understanding of the Leads Club system. It’s also a great opportunity to hone your leadership skills.

What kind of time commitment is required to serve on the Chapter’s Leadership Team?

You arrive 15 minutes before the start of each meeting. This will give you time to prepare for the meeting with the Team and greet visitors who often arrive early. You also remain up to 15 minutes after the meeting to review the meeting with your team and speak with visitors or Members. Maintaining the Chapter’s records, communicating with prospective Members and liaison with the Regional office may take time outside of the Chapter meeting. Maximum time spent on Leads activities is dependent on the size of your Chapter and your dedication to it’s success.

Do I need any training to serve on my Chapters Leadership Team?

Yes, Leadership Team training is critical and includes Goal setting and assignment of Chair positions. Completing a Leadership Team agreement and the Orientation must occur prior to the start of your term. Since every Region is different, you will either have an individual session or meet with a group of neighboring Chapter Leadership Teams. These Orientations are free and provide you with the best start possible for a prosperous Term.

I have served on a Leadership Team before; do I still have to attend the Leadership Orientation?

Yes, Leads Club is a dynamic and growing organization. Every Orientation offers new information, ideas and materials to help you run, improve and grow your Chapter. You may have new Team Members and this allows an opportunity to build that Team spirit and set Goals.

How many Members can a Leads Club have for each business category?

One; this allows Leads Club to provide exclusive category representation for every Member.

How many business categories can a Leads Club Member represent?

One; Leads Club provides exclusive category representation to Members for the one business category that is noted on their Membership Application. This leaves categories open to expand the Chapter Membership and the potential for more business Leads and referrals.

If a business category is not represented in the Chapter, can I represent that category as part of my business?

Representing multiple categories is not appropriate. It hinders the growth of your Chapter because Members are not likely to bring in visitors if they think they are encroaching on a business that you have. In addition, it will reduce your access to qualified Leads because the Members have to learn about more than one business which can lead to confusion.

My business sells products and services that cover more than one category; can I represent those products and services?

Many businesses provide products and services that cover more than one business category or that fall outside of their core business represented in Leads Club. This can result in confusion or conflict with another Members or an un-represented category. When you join Leads Club, you select and are approved for the one business category that best represents your core business or the part of your business you want to build with Leads Club. Promoting one business to your Leads Club Members does not prevent or preclude you from selling all of your products and services to the clients referred to you by your fellow Leads Club Members, but it must be done outside of the Leads Club meeting.

Can I change business category?

Yes. If you change professions, or change the focus of your current business, you may change your category within your current Chapter assuming that category is available. If it is not, you may be able to transfer your Membership to a Chapter close by. In either instance, you will need to submit a new Application representing the category change, for approval.

Keep in mind that when you change categories, you may no longer represent your former category and it is open for a new or existing Member. You may also experience a period of time when you do not receive Leads as the Members need time to acquaint themselves with your new focus.