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Leads Club Philosophy

A business is an entity existing primarily in the financial world; however, Leads Club believes that businesses must exist for some higher purpose than their financial aspects alone. A business is not a master to be served by people, but should itself serve. The reason for our existence is to serve the higher purpose of “helping people help themselves.”

Leads Club Creed

As a Leads Club member...
I speak honestly and use good business ethics.
I am strong, courageous and resourceful.
I know conscious cooperation produces results.
I make a commitment to the success and prosperity of myself and Leads Club members.

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About CEO Lisa Bentson

Leads Club CEO Lisa Bentson

Lisa Bentson began her Leads Club, Inc. career in 1983 by working with approximately 120 members who participated in seven California Chapters. She advanced to the position of Vice President of Business Development in 1990 and President in 1994.

The mother-daughter team of Lassen and Bentson proved to be an extraordinary alliance. With her focus on building lasting business friendships, Bentson has brought a fresh approach to what was once known as "the good ol' boys network."

Today, as President, Bentson oversees operations which provide services to more than 5,000 members in the United States and abroad.

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About Founder Ali Lassen

Leads Club Founder Ali Lassen

In 1978, business woman Ali Lassen introduced a networking system so successful that today Leads Club Inc is one of the most imitated businesses in the entrepreneurial world and remains the leader in networking organizations.

About Ali Lassen, Founder of Leads Club Inc.

September 18, 1923 – May 17, 1999

Ali Lassen was articulate, thoughtful, and introspective. She was a high energy individual, absolutely determined to help those who were striving for success.

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Why Join Leads Club?

As the industry leader for referral marketing organizations, and founded in 1978, Leads Club is the oldest and most respected networking organization in the world. Hundreds of chapters in the U.S. and Australia provide...

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Meet Caroline Donahue

Caroline Donahue, Director Team Silverlake