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Leads Club Founder Ali Lassen

In 1978, business woman Ali Lassen introduced a networking system so successful that today Leads Club Inc is one of the most imitated businesses in the entrepreneurial world and remains the leader in networking organizations.

About Ali Lassen, Founder of Leads Club Inc.

September 18, 1923 – May 17, 1999

Ali Lassen was articulate, thoughtful, and introspective. She was a high energy individual, absolutely determined to help those who were striving for success.

She was as comfortable as an old friend; as lively as a firecracker sparking off new ideas.

Ali Lassen was the sum total of savvy business experience and real life" experience. The reality of her dream established Leads Club in 1978.

"I began Leads Club Inc out of my own need," she said. "I needed a dramatically different was to make contacts. I changed my thinking to get good referrals. I tested the system. It was quick. It was successful. So I did what innovators do: I introduced the concept that worked for me to others through a new business, called Leads Club."

Lassen often told reporter, when interviewed, "I believe if you work at what you truly care about, the money will come. In our society, that's usually equated with how many dollars you make, but I don't buy into that definition. I'm committed to creating something that's beneficial to others, and financial satisfaction will be the end result."

Lassen was no Pollyanna. She knew hard knocks. She was a single parent with five kids to raise, and she plunked every cent back into Leads Club "for more years than I can remember." Yet, she said, "I'd do it all again."

Ali Lassen died in 1999. Her energy, drive, enthusiasm and talent live on in the system she created that has helped so many others succeed in business.


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