Aine Sweeney

Aine Sweeney

Biographical Info Aine offers a gentle solution for pain,  discomfort, or a complaint that traditional medical routes haven’t been able to relieve. “For over 25 years she has been working with patients to ease pain, enabling them to live full, enriching, joyous lives. Aine knows our bodies have a miraculous ability to heal and feels it is her job to facilitate that healing and help you live life fully. D.N.F.T.© is gentle enough for children, yet effective enough for mom and dad. An additional bonus is, on average, fewer visits are required to achieve the desired results. After completing a rigorous series of courses and graduating from Chiropractic School, Aine studied D.N.F.T. in depth over the years and uses it exclusively in her practice, mainly because patients continue to get great results. Professionally and personally, she feels honored to be a part of the healing process and prefers to treat patients with this gentle and successful technique.

Email Address [email protected]

Phone Number (831) 458-1218

Business Dr. Aine Sweeney, Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractor

Business Address 549 Frederick St. , Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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