Testimonial: Develop Valuable Business Relationships

Gregory Gershuni, Gershuni Law Firm, gershunilaw.com

Leads Club Testimonial: “Being a member of Lead’s Club has enriched my professional life in several ways. On the surface there is the obvious benefit of potential new business referrals coupled with the development of relationships with other professionals to whom I can refer my clients who may be in search of a trustworthy professional advisor.  Deeper than that, there is the opportunity to develop valuable business relationships with other professionals which lead to the meaningful exchange of ideas and knowledge from various professional disciplines. This has served to enhance my professional life.”


Testimonial: Support and Comradery from Leads Club Chapter

Debbie Merlo, owner & realtor at Coast & Valley Property, [email protected]. She is an integral part of this chapters’ ethos. She is very knowledgeable about the real estate market and shows so much love, consideration and support to her clients and this group of women. Debbie has been a member of the chapter for more than a decade.

Her testimonial: “I never had a college experience of being in a sorority and in this chapter I feel like I have a room full of sorority sisters – all the support and comradery with people sharing my interests.”

Business Tip: Refer From the Heart

Ericka Barrantes with Pure Life Acupuncture & Wellness Center, [email protected] brought in seven leads in two weeks!

Her business tip: It’ so rewarding and satisfying to refer from the heart. Leads Club provides the spirit of connecting and enriching each other’s lives. When I share that I have worked with and known many of the Leads team members for 10+ years, it seems to have a positive impact.

Tip: Keep Asking

Karen Brown Williams with The Williams Firm, brownwilliamspc.com, is a family attorney who specializes in various types of family law. Karen has a wealth of knowledge representing families who are in transition. She is highly respected in the legal field in the Atlanta area. She has even done some training for some of the judges in the area. I highly recommend her!

Her tip is to keep asking, eventually you will get a yes.


Giving To The Less Fortunate in Naperville, IL.

Dr. Lacey Alexander has helped with the chapter’s social media and their Meetup listing! She also held a supply list drive at her office for the needy! She supplied people with lists of what a shelter in our area needed the most! She is a positive light! She is a member of the South Naperville Women’s Chapter in Naperville, IL.