Putting a Client’s Needs First

Sherri Silva’s business is, The Finishing Touch. “I started my business to collaborate, envision, and create inspiring spaces that uplift and delight within the reach of a reasonable budget. I also love to decorate tables for events and add the flare of decor to any season you may celebrate. Whether you need a clever shuffle of what you already have or a total room make-over or remodel, I love to bring the ‘welcome’ back to your home or office.”

A tip for Members is: “Be authentic with your clients. This means being a good listener and putting a client’s desires and needs above your own. For my design business, this sometimes means decorating in a style that I don’t necessarily prefer or may even be off trend. Neither of those things matter if it is what the client loves. For me, I remind myself, ‘this is their space, not mine.’ I’m just fortunate enough to be asked to help.”

Leads Club has positively impacted her business by “completely growing it. I started with an idea and a name and the rest grew from the gals in my club that had enough confidence and trust in me, and to refer me over and over. I have many repeat clients and those that hire me just to decorate for the holiday seasons.”

Her contact information is: [email protected], cell: 805-794-3039.

Chapter Consultant Gives Advice during Covid-19

Betsy Kohler-Flores is a Chapter Consultant in San Diego, CA Region and works with ReachLocal, Inc. which is an award-winning company and part of the USA TODAY NETWORK. We help businesses acquire, manage, and retain customers with online digital marketing and best-in-class service.

One tip she would give a Member would be: I just presented regarding COVID-19 and running your business during these times. I would say increase your digital “footprint” since that’s where everyone is right now during the social distancing initiative. Work on keeping your social media channels current full of content, photos and possible offers. Be a “consultant” to your audience, and they will keep you in mind for their next purchase.”

Leads Club has positively impacted her by having been “in my life for several decades. In this era of “digital” meetings, it’s been outstanding for me to keep the face-to-face contact and be a part of a networking community that has been around for many years, with proven results. Consistent speaking engagements have helped me improve my communication skills both within my company and with customers.”

Her contact info: Betsy Kohler-Flores 5040 Shoreham Place, Suite 114 San Diego, CA 92122 phone: 619.925.5040

[email protected]  


Leads Club Has Made Her a Better Businesswoman!

Janie Arnold is a Chapter Consultant and Former Regional Director with Leads Club. She is a member of the Dynamic Women in Business Chapter in Santa Barbara, CA.

She is a Marketing Director with Melaleuca, The Wellness Company. “I introduce people to our online store of over 400 everyday products that are safe, effective, and affordable, shipped directly to your door.”

Leads Club has positively impacted her business by making her “a much better businesswoman, giving me a safe place to hone my speaking skills and a great reason to talk to ‘strangers’. Being in print sales for much of my life and now in consumer packaged goods the skills are invaluable.  More than half of the membership in my chapter are Melaleuca clients.  I am very grateful for their support.”

A tip she would give a Member  “is to stay engaged with your membership, make attendance a ‘not to be missed’ meeting every week and talk to everyone you get to visit with about the interesting people and businesses in your chapter.”  She can be contacted at 805 403 1282 or [email protected].

Professionalism in the Palos Verdes Chapter

Suzan Fairchild is extremely professional! She is an independent Cabi Stylist and has a strong marketing background. Her communication skills are stellar, and she keeps the meetings fresh and fun. She demonstrates outstanding leadership by following all the protocols that Leads has put in place. She follows the meeting guidelines with FINESSE and is the strength and growth of the Palos Verdes Coed Chapter in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA., which proves my point about her professionalism. Her website is suzanfairchildcabionline.com.

Psychologist offers seminars to cope with stress and Covid-19

The Spotlight member goes to Samantha Bill, who is a psychologist. She has offered seminars for women about managing stress and navigating through the new norm of motherhood! She has also given numerous pieces of advice to the ladies about how to handle stress during the Covid-19 new way of life, and sometimes even for free! She is a member of the South Naperville Women’s Chapter in Naperville, IL.